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Designs of the Year 2013 Shortlist Announced (part 2)

FURNITURE Gravity Stool Designed by Jolan Van Der Wiel Innovation is at the forefront of our selections for the furniture category. In the first video watch the designer explain the process and then revel in the beauty of the process in action in the video below. Liquid Glacial Table Designed by Zaha Hadid The name […]

Leo – Circle of Eleven

Starting this week at the Southbank in London ‘Leo’ from Germany, part of the London International Mime Festival, combines world-class acrobatics, visual artistry and clever film manipulation in a journey of joyful discovery and invention. Reminiscent of a wordless Samuel Beckett scenario, it’s a fantastical playground in which a man seeks meaning in his isolation, […]

Pilobolus and Ford Human Car Commercial

Pilobolus Dance Company have made a name for themselves creating imaginary and unique performances shown around the world that use silloutte to create images and tell stories. Ford collaborated with Pilobolus to produce an innovative commercial for the brand. If you want to create something new for your brand, talk to HUNCH. Get behind the […]

150 Years of the London Underground

To mark it’s 150 year anniversary of London Underground, affectionately known as the ‘Tube’, The Royal Mail has issued a set of 10 commemorative stamps depicting of the world’s first underground railway line which was the Metropolitan line. The series of six stamps designed depict the construction and the changes over the years, with the […]

Sexual Sale!

Featuring Kate Moss donning a hybrid of German & British war symbolism. This work by a German artist hints at an ever growing trend towards outlandish shock tactics in order to sell a product. In essence the work hints at the increasing relationship between war and profit. 1208 handmade badges depicting erotic images, Nazi Germany […]

MAC Cosmetics New ‘Strength’ Advertisement

There’s a peculiarly particular balance of appearance so-called feminine qualities that our society tends to tolerate. Women are supposed to be lean but not muscular; athletic but not defined; soft but never squishy. It’s a balance few of us are completely capable of achieving, whether it’s because of ability or simply genetics. Amongst all of […]

The World’s Smallest Wearable Camera

The Memoto camera is a tiny camera and GPS that you clip on and wear and automatically takes photos as you go. The camera has no buttons. (That’s right, no buttons.) As long as you wear the camera, it is constantly taking pictures. It takes two geotagged photos a minute with recorded orientation so that […]