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Remove Labels

It takes just seven seconds to build a prejudice based on someone's appearance. In this campaign six strangers are invited to an dinner in the dark. See what they discovered and how it changed the way they see the world.

Adidas Originals + Pharrell Williams

Everyone’s favorite creative pop icon, Pharrell Williams, continues his long-running collaboration with the German sportswear leader, with the pair’s new blissed-out summer ’16 “Pink Beach” footwear and apparel collection the latest in a long list of successful collabs.

Drifting Into Movement at the Venice Art Biennale

Design firm Studio Drift has created a beautiful and serene installation for the 2015 Venice Art Biennale. The piece is a tribute to humanity's quest for flight is made of thin glass bars that move like wings is mesmerizing to watch and technically sublime. The piece is in constant movement for the duration of the exhibition.


Our director at HUNCH and a small team came back from a trip to Italy recently raving about the Venice Biennale, a two week expo extravaganza of contemporary art which is shown in a series of purpose built pavilions and in around the 'incredibly beautiful' city of Venice. There was lots to tell following the trip, but in particularly we wanted to share with you a certain piece of work that was one of the exhibits, a video installation by Russian artist collective AES+F titled ' Inverso Mundus. The piece was inspired by political events in the 17th Century that very much echo the social and political ills of today, brought to life in the uniquely surreal language of AESF+F.

Spring Is In The Air

After a long winter we all need cheering up so, we got together with the Puppini Sisters prior to their Japanese tour in March 2015, to give them a spring summer seasonal make-over. Let’s face it: who can resist three bewitching females as Picture Postcard Vintage Retro Pinup Art, singing in close harmony and moving in […]

‘Ma’ Animated Digital Art Installation for Macau China

One of our most enjoyable projects of 2014 consisted of four life size digital art pieces for a Chinese entertainment company, featuring live action, motion capture and animation, which was be projected in a 3D digital environment. The brief was to create a simple atmospheric experience, which bridged the gap between traditional Chinese culture and […]

Luxury Antiques, Arts and Interiors

We love unique well crafted items here at HUNCH, so one of our current projects that is all about beautiful such things has got us buzzing with excitement. Pulling together our full creative team to cover branding, photography, web and event design to produce and develop an online luxury antiques, arts and interiors business called […]

Who doesn’t Love Steve McQueen!

An exhibition of new works by Steve McQueen has been announced for the Thomas Dane Gallery, London. This will open on 14 October and will occupy both Duke Street spaces. The exhibition will celebrate the tenth anniversary of McQueen’s Into This World, which was the gallery’s inaugural show in 2004. In the ensuing decade, Steve […]

Wedding Photography Like You’ve Never Seen Before

It’s rude to admit it but unless they’re your own, wedding photo’s can be a bit predictable and lack creativity or imagination, even themed weddings.   And here’s a new take on themed weddings from a photographer in Thailand whose business has taken wedding photography to new heights.  Well not literally.  It’s called คนตัวเล็ก, which literally […]

3D Motion Capture for China

Here is another taster from our commission for four digital animation pieces for Chinese entertainment company, featuring live action, animation and motion capture, which will be projected in a 3D digital environment. We look forward to bringing the full pieces of work in the coming weeks. Check out our updates here in our news feed […]

‘Time After Time’

We LOVE this mural titles ‘Time After Time’ painted by CEPT at the Leonard Street car park, featuring the artist’s signature exaggerated colours and pop-art-appropriated super humans. CEPT’s mural, featuring the Joy Division lyric ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ is a comment on the fate of the space, which is now being redeveloped to make […]